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Submitted: September 19, 19112

Name: bojxrlmdt E-mail:kiiikp@vbnigt.com
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Submitted: September 19, 19112

Name: tqdvboy E-mail:rxyzpz@ksbtif.com
Item: tRkpDrUQnwHMCqEyM
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Telephone: auMPDUQYM

Submitted: September 18, 19112

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Telephone: lgIhLioRPhZqo

Submitted: September 16, 19112

Name: ngjibya E-mail:nocxtv@ocxgty.com
Item: npwJISYHJr
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Telephone: YKfrGmRpclwWkYMf

Submitted: September 16, 19112

Name: Leopoldo E-mail:jeff@traxlerconstruction.com
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Price: eYAAFZLCMze
Telephone: hMeZjfMUJjG

Submitted: July 11, 19111

Name: Maria Goulding E-mail:info@cosydubfarm.co.uk
Item: Finished pigs
Description: Finished pigs - Rare breed cross free range pigs Please call for more info
Price: 100 each
Telephone: 07846 408642

Submitted: July 11, 19111

Name: Maria Goulding E-mail:info@cosydubfarm.co.uk
Item: Sows for sale
Description: We have various rare breed cross sows for sale for 100 each. Can be sold in pig for extra charge. Registered Large Black sow also for sale 200 Please email for photo's or call for more info Can arrange delivery if not too far for extra charge
Price: 100
Telephone: 07846 408642

Submitted: July 11, 19111

Name: Maria Goulding E-mail:info@cosydubfarm.co.uk
Item: Boar for sale
Description: Proven Registered British Lop Boar for sale Please email for photo's or call for more info We are at LE15 8HW
Price: 200
Telephone: 07846 408642

Submitted: July 11, 19111

Name: Maria Gouldling E-mail:info@cosydubfarm.co.uk
Item: Weaners
Description: Rare breed cross weaners for sale 45.00 each We are at LE15 8HW near oakham rutland
Price: 45.00
Telephone: 07846408642

Submitted: April 24, 19111

Name: risvyrwcd E-mail:iwdfkx@tjpjnt.com
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Telephone: rhptfbxdW

Submitted: April 22, 19111

Name: xgggysjj E-mail:zaloih@sioble.com
Item: qlnYQkfl
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Telephone: yNGbCenSBisDjP

Submitted: April 13, 19111

Name: glexdsoq E-mail:fxwigr@gfoomj.com
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Telephone: UBIZqxCtKmOMmouMwwr

Submitted: April 12, 19111

Name: syahwzcsx E-mail:sppnvz@qgivwb.com
Item: uIqKisHikyzoy
Description: O4K6m8 Price: yfYGsrPQtnSW
Telephone: ksuqLEeerZ

Submitted: April 11, 19111

Name: Bubba E-mail:sales@damapas.com
Item: QSDwmeCjlaSmfB
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Price: FAXiDaugg
Telephone: fUgaLgZQ

Submitted: September 14, 19110

Name: Tris Pearce E-mail:tris@pearce-environment.co.uk
Item: 3 x British Lop Registered Pedigree Sows
Description: We have 3 x British Lop Registered Pedigree Sows FOR SALE ASAP, as room needed. born in October 2009. Also 1 x tamworth x saddleback sow for sale, would like her to go with them but not essential. may split sows. ALL outdoor reared in woodland. 07811 113 250.
Price: offers
Telephone: 07811 113250

Submitted: June 10, 19110

Name: Chris E-mail:chriscarless@btinternet.com
Item: Mangalitza Piglets
Description: Mangalitza Weaners. Blonde and red registered gilts & boars. Born 1st June, available early August. Can deliver locally in Berkshire. See www.windingwoodcottage.co.uk for mor edetails
Price: Varies - Call for details
Telephone: 07765 241026

Submitted: September 28, 19109

Name: Westhill Farm E-mail:westhillfarm@sky.com
Item: Tamworth Weaner Pigs
Description: Pedigree Tamworth Weaners - 8 weeks old. Good strong pigs. ready to go. 8 in total however will split. Boars and gilts - all intact. Highbridge, Somerset
Price: 30 each
Telephone: 07946 178022

Submitted: June 10, 19109

Name: Heather Royle E-mail:hmroyle@aol.com
Item: Mangalitzas
Description: Mangalitzas for sale from weaners to in-pig gilts/sows. Mostly blonde. Birth notified/registered with BPA. Can be seen nr Salisbury, Wilts.
Price: from 100
Telephone: 0044 1722 718263

Submitted: March 14, 19109

Name: Hannah Arnold E-mail:hannaharnold@btconnect.com
Item: Pork & weaners for sale norfolk
Description: Outdoor reared traditional pork cuts or half/whole pigs for sale. We run Oxford Sandy Sows with a Large Black boar which creates a fabulous tasty meat. The piglets are available also as weaners - next ones will be ready end of April. There are not many of us in Norfolk - if you are from this area - hello - and if you already keep traditional rare breeds perhaps you may be interested in sharing a boar? I love our pigs and would give advice to any first time pig owners! Give me a call Hannah Arnold 01603 866226.
Price: various
Telephone: 01603 866226

Submitted: November 17, 19108

Name: Bex E-mail:bexphoto@yahoo.co.uk
Item: Saddleback piglets
Description: 3 Saddleback piglets, must go together. Come from great eating stock, almost three months old. If you would like more details please feel free to ring. Guildford area.
Price: 120 for all 3
Telephone: 01483 234212

Submitted: September 16, 19108

Name: Mark Smith E-mail:order@thefreerangemeatcompany.co.uk
Item: Saddleback weaners, Ready Oct 2008
Description: Saddleback weaners for sale, choice from 26 off 3 sows. Boar and sows all on holding, very friendly. Outdoor bred and reared. Birth registered with BPA. Good bloodlines, pedigrees available via email. Will let them go after 42 days, which is approx 2nd / 3rd week in Oct depending which litter. www.thefreerangemeatcompany.co.uk for photo's
Price: 60 ea.
Telephone: 07956 051 922

Submitted: July 3, 19108

Name: Tracey Jaine E-mail:tracey_jaine@msn.com
Item: Mangalitza pigs
Description: We have had two litters of pure blond mangalitzas (wooly pigs) on the south yorkshire/ north lincolnshire border 1st litter born Tuesday 17th June 2nd litter born Wednesday 18th June All piglets are birth notified. Mangalitzas are very docile, friendly pigs. The sows have been well handled and are extremley tame. They are very hardy and cope with extremes of weather, all they need is shelter from the worst weather and hot sun. Food and water. They are very thrifty and economical pigs. Mangalitza are fantastic smallholder / pet pigs. Reasonably priced, Delivery possible. For further information please contact tracey_jaine@msn.com.
Price: form 100
Telephone: 01302 351251

Submitted: January 20, 19108

Name: Mark Graham E-mail:mark@mangalitza.co.uk
Item: Curly Coated Rare Breed Mangalitza Pigs
Description: Mangalitza piglets for sale. Curly Coated sheep-Pigs - 7 (4 boys,3 girls) Blondes born 23 December - ready 23rd February. 6 (3 boys ,3 girls) Blondes born 25 December - ready 25th February. I have available Unregistered Castrated Males - For Pets/Parma Ham, Registered Males For Breeding, Registered Females for Breeding and Pets. Birth Notified. The Rarest - and probably most unusual breed of Pig in the UK at this time. These Curly Sheep Pigs (they are pigs but have a curly coat like a sheep) are 2nd Generation UK bred Pigs. Staffordshire/Cheshire Border. Visit Website http://www.mangalitza.co.uk for more information on these superb PIGS! Blonde (Paradise Curly 2) or Swallow Bellied (Paradise Wonder 3) Boars available for hire (@250 - 6 weeks - or pick of litter)- These are only available For use on Mangalitza sows only.
Price: Various
Telephone: 07973 680517

Submitted: February 12, 19107

Name: nancystanton E-mail:nancystanton@btinternet.com
Item: In pig gilts for sale
Description: Two in pig British Saddleback pigs for sale. eighteen months old. both farrowed successfully in December. Also, their six boar and two gilt weaners for sale. Near Salisbury, Wiltshire
Telephone: 01725 511410

Submitted: January 27, 19107

Name: jane croft E-mail:houndsofhenham@yahoo.co.uk
Item: assorted pigs
Description: 2 x kune kune pedigree with papers, 4 years old. 2 x GOS - 2 years old. 8 x Kune kune X GOS Piglets - 8 weeks old. 2 x GOS X Saddleback - 6 months old, 1 x Kune Kune X Wild Boar - Age unknown. All very friendly as have been raised as pets. (ESSEX)
Price: varies
Telephone: 07963115810

Submitted: November 21, 19106

Name: Tim Bamford E-mail:tbamford@symondsandsampson.co.uk
Item: Pedigree Gloucestershire Old Spots
Description: A number of quality 10wk old Gloucestershire Old Spots
Price: Varies
Telephone: 01722 334324

Submitted: January 11, 19106

Name: Mark Graham E-mail:Mark@cheshirepig.co.uk
Item: British Lop Boars & Gilts
Description: Rare Breed Pigs/Piglets for sale - currently British Lops, Kune Kunes and British Saddlebacks. http://www.cheshirepig.co.uk
Price: Depending on Pig
Telephone: 07973 680517

Submitted: January 4, 19106

Name: V.DURRANT E-mail:victoriadurrant@tiscali.co.uk
Price: 40
Telephone: 01536 520681

Submitted: September 26, 1997

Name: Mick Gray E-mail:webmaster@euroagri.net
Item: Test of Pigs
Description: Testing the Pigs Sale Board. Please feel free to advertise your stock here. Thanks.
Price: test
Telephone: 01563 575317

Submitted: September 22, 1997

Name: Michael Gray E-mail:webmaster@euroagri.net
Item: Testing Pigs for Sale
Description: This is only a test. Please feel free to post your pigs for sale here. Thanks.
Price: test
Telephone: 01563 575317